The setting

Tuscan Tavern

Trattoria Cavour 42 welcomes you in a casual but elegant setting - a perfect place to relax and sample some traditional food and enjoy the famous local hospitality. But we are not just that - we also look to modernity and seek to strike the perfect balance between the past and the present!

We are a traditional trattoria, and as such we are loved both by Arezzo locals, who come here to enjoy traditional dishes that, alas, don't always get cooked at Arezzo homes any more, and by tourists from all over the world alike!

Local cuisine

meat restaurant

Tourists from all over the world, as well as from Italy itself, will appreciate our genuine character and traditional dishes, the possibility to taste typical Tuscan food, and in particular the local recipes of Arezzo composed of prominent flavours and rustic notes, with fine, delicate finishes.

Group dinners

We are available for groups: dinners and lunches for large groups and tourist dinners. We kindly ask you to book in advance, especially for large groups.

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